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Mazza Swimming Pool Inspection Company is one of the only swimming pool inspection companies in Los Angeles, we’ve performed literally thousands of swimming pool inspections of all types throughout Los Angeles and surrounding cities. Although our clientele include pool builders, home owners and home inspectors, the majority of the inspections we perform, are for home buyers.

While most home inspectors get their experience from a classroom, books or from an online course, they will typically perform only a cursory or limited inspection and refer what they’re not familiar with to a specialist. Our inspectors are licensed California swimming pool service and repair or pool building contractors. Our specific expertise is in pool service and repairs of all types. We still, however, remain an impartial inspection company, who unlike service/repair companies or pool builders, will not attempt to sell you on any repairs pertaining to issues or suggestions originating from the inspection.


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Swimming Pool Inspection

Our swimming pool inspections are safety centric. We inspect the pools systems such as the pool circulation system, filters, pumps, valves, piping, electrical system, barrier system. Our inspections will include a breakdown of costs associated with some of the most significant issues discovered. Mazza Swimming Pool Inspection company works exclusively for the home buyer and acts as a disinterested third party.

Don’t Forget… We Discount the Pool Inspection by 50% with the Home Inspection included!

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